Myriad Genetics – Design System

My Role — Product Design, UI/UX, Visual Design

Myriad is a leading molecular diagnostic company dedicated to saving and improving lives by discovering and delivering tests across major diseases. My role is the visual product designer on the product experience team. I support all focus areas including the patient and provider portals for women’s health and oncology and neurology teams. My primary focus is delivering/managing and building out the design system Primase.

We created Primase to optimize our combined workflow through documentation.

Through it, our aim is to streamline the design and development process, and free up time to prioritize user research, testing, and deeper, more conceptual design practice.

By reducing decision-making friction, we free up our time as a whole, enabling us to focus on the big picture while increasing quality and consistency across the board.

Primase Design System Documentation (WIP)

Component examples

Desktop auto layout buttons

Mobile buttons


Radio buttons




Masters components

All components were designed utilizing a master component. The nested master component controls the size and position of each component. This allows greater flexibility to make large scale changes to size and position elements.

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