Myriad Genetics

My Role — UI/UX, Product Design

Myriad is a leading molecular diagnostic company dedicated to saving and improving lives by discovering and delivering tests across major diseases. My role is the visual product designer on the product experience team. I support all focus areas including the patient and provider portals for women’s health and oncology and neurology teams. My primary focus is delivering/managing and building out the design system Primase.

I was the lead visual designer on the updated estimates experience to include an attestation form or pay now options. Leveraging Primase the Myriad’s product design system we were able to provide patients with a clear UI/UX. User testing the product gave us great insight to how users were navigating this content and throughout these studies the feedback was always consistent on how clear and concise the user experience and user interface is.   


Patient attestation flow

Patient email

Estimate home page

Payment options

Expanded payment options

Patient attestation

Through user testing studies we discovered a simple approach of processing information. The patient is able to navigate to a view payment options page where the patient can choose to pay now or wait for a bill depending on insurance coverage and patients preference. This process is similar in nature to what users have become accustomed to much like a shopping experience with a checkout page to confirm selections.  

Pay now form

Pay now form completed

Payment submitted

Processing test

Pay now

The form has required fields that are marked with asterisks to give the user a visual queue that the field is required. Aside from that this page features a disabled button that only becomes active once the required fields signal a confirmation that the field has been successfully filled out. This form for legal purposes also requires the patient to checkmark that they have read and understand the terms and conditions. The patient may submit payment and will be notified and confirmed that their test is processing.

Enter initials to agree

Cost agreement submitted

Processing your test

Signed cost agreement

Wait for my bill

The initials field is a required field and is marked with an asterisk to give the user a visual queue that the field is required. The button is active and if attempted to submit without filling in the field the user will be prompted with an error status to please enter their initials. The patient may submit cost agreement and will be notified and confirmed that their test is processing.

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