My Role — UI/UX, Marketing

Nordstrom is one of the largest clothing retailers in the United States. I have had the opportunity to create digital designs for the website and emails across multiple divisions; womens, men’s, trend beauty and kids. I have also contributed to developing new responsive templates for both email and website experiences. I was highly involved in the UI/UX framework development and brand standard and toolkit for the responsive website and emails for the digital design teams to use while also creating content for campaigns to be featured on the website.

Ideation and rapid prototyping

I designed the landing pages for all upper level navigational content. I created UX/UI solutions for compiling/bucketing stories with relevant products for example to create an outfit story for summer must haves. I was also involved with the ideation and rapid prototyping of developing sectional content and headlines as well as defining the overall brand standards and toolkit for designers to use across the digital design teams.

Landing page toolkit sample

Above is the landing page template created for all designers to follow. This includes rules for typography, spacing and image placement and sizing.

Program email redesign

Involved in the development, redesign and implementation of the email program to shift the marketing from static stories to be a module based system to more effectively target customers based on their interests and easily mix and match relevant content to the customers. This was a big win. Not only did it allow us to deliver better content to the customer based on their interests but also helped us internally when items would sell out and easily be able to swap in another product.

Linking strategy

Teaming up with other members we tested new linking structure (underlined, solid box and outline box). This was tested amongst the email program first and the data revealed that the bold link with an outlined box treatment performed 20% better than the other link treatments . This new link was implemented shortly after.

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