My Role — UX/UI, Web Design and Marketing

At I created intuitive digital experiences and user interfaces. I designed for all digital platforms supporting both B2C and B2B initiatives: ads across all social media channels, event websites, landing pages and video content production.

App updates 

Challenged with recreating and simplifying the apps UI/UX these are a few of the working concepts. 

2019 Result Summit website

As lead designer of this project I was tasked with developing a theme for Results Summit an annual event that invites guests speakers to come share their success. For the design I wanted to keep the header engaging showcasing these pros on stage by implementing a video playback of last years reel. I utilized brand color overlay to present it in a minimally while keeping the focus on the headline in the middle of the page. Secondly and one of the most important features that I wanted to call attention to was for the end user to be able to view the schedule or register for the event at all times. I implemented a sticky sidebar with bold links to encourage click through rates throughout the page. Mixed with parallax effects throughout and lazy scrolling the site is smooth and really focused on user usability.

Testimonial redesign

I created the redesign of the testimonials page.  This pages features a large branded hero illustration above the fold with a large headline and call to action to prompt the user to share their story.  The bottom of the page features a recovery call to action with additional branded icon/illustrations to engage and aide the user with the content.


Created storyboards based from scripts and headline callouts. The storyboards are then animated and embedded into digital marketing assets: emails and social media.

B2C Testimonials landing page

I created a version 2 customer testimonials page to be tested against the illustrated version above.  This pages focuses on a large screen takeover of lifestyle video playback of a happy family moving in. The page includes a large headline and call to action to promote the user to share their story. The testimonials support three main sections for buy, sell and rent. The bottom of the page features a recovery call to action button to further engage the user to click through to submit their story.

B2B Top performing landing page

Top performing landing page with the strongest conversions (32% on average) per month for over 6 months.

Social media ads

Created storyboards ads supporting all social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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